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Client Shortlisted for Dental Awards 2014

2008AwardslogoIt’s that time of year again where the best and brightest in the Dental industry are celebrated, and we’re delighted to announce that one of our clients has been announced as a finalist (category Team of the Year, South).

Smile Marketing works closely with Devon Dental Centre of Excellence & Plymouth Dental Centre of Excellence creating successful advertising campaigns and internal marketing programmes for these practices, with huge successes in delivering new patients, especially for Dental Implants, ‘All on 4’, cosmetic dentistry and restorative cases, as well as general patients.


Debbie Hutchinson, a previous award winning Practice Manager, has again been selected as a finalist for the category “Practice Manager of the year 2014″!

At the awards last year, Devon Dental and Plymouth Dental won the Dental Team Award (pictured left) so we’ve got our fingers crossed for them at the 2014 Dental Awards.

Now in its 16th year, with an even higher standard of entries, the awards celebrate both exceptional individuals and teams. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on June 6th 2014 – so watch this space!Devon and Plym Dental cover border

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Does good oral health help sporting performance?

BXP29516It is well known to dentists that poor oral health can have wider effects, but it has lately been discussed at the The Oral Health and Performance in Sport conference what a difference this could make to Team GBs sports performance.

Prof. Needleman, of the University College London Eastman Dental Institute, says:

“Oral health is important for well-being and successful elite sporting performance. It is amazing that many professional athletes – people who dedicate a huge amount of time and energy to honing their physical abilities – do not have sufficient support for their oral health needs, even though this negatively impacts on their training and performance.”

Team GB’s boxing squad are paying greater attention to the oral health of their athletes now and hoping to see an improvement in their performance overall.

The sort of dental problems that athletes in the study performed by Professor Needleman encountered were conditions that are preventable though regular care and good oral hygiene.


Regardless of their athletic prowess, it’s good to let your patients know of the potential impact their oral health can have on overall health and their performance levels in sport.

This information can be used in your Dental Marketing including your patients newsletter, as many admire famous sportsmen and women they may be encouraged to follow their lead and take care of their teeth and gums. 

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Your Biggest Asset – Your Patients!

It’s not complicated and it isn’t expensive but it takes some energy and commitment to ensure your patients don’t go elsewhere. So what can you do?

Smile Marketing Virtual Marketing Manager

  • Communicate with them more often. This is crucial. Provide interesting information to them on an ongoing basis. Stay in your patients’ minds.
  • Every practice should have a newsletter, either targeting patients or referring practices. For a printed monthly newsletter it only costs about £1 per customer per month, including postage. Send e-newsletters to patients that prefer paperless.
  • Sell more to your patients. This may go against the grain, but a good way to keep patients is tempt them with treatments they may want – a smile makeover or whitening perhaps.
  • Ask your patients opinions. Is there any aspect of your ‘patient journey’ that could be improved? Even if you provide the perfect patient experience, your patients will be pleased to be asked.
  • Surprise them.  Hand your patients a ‘goodie bag’ of dental accessories – toothpaste, brush, tepes, mouthwash – and thank them for coming to your practice, or send them a postcard to thank them. Little surprises create a warm feeling towards your practice and they’ll tell others about you, the lowest cost marketing there is!

For help with setting up a successful patient communications plan, contact us.

Of course, talking, writing and emailing your patients forms part of your brand communications, and we can review these for you and advise best practice.

FREE Marketing Health Checkcall 0845 287 3051 to book and we’ll cover exactly how you can increase your fee revenue and practice profitability. Includes tips on ‘no cost, low cost marketing’ techniques.

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Improving your Patient Recall

A few weeks ago I was reviewing a Smile Marketing clients recall and sales letters. They were similar to many letters from other dental practices - matter of fact, lacking warmth and personality. There was no headline, no call to action and the copy didn’t flow. However, my main concern was that letters were not going out regularly, if  at all.

But our client isn’t alone, is he?

So why are recall letters not being sent?  A lack of process and responsibility for getting it done, regularly, is a big reason – so get it done, delegate or outsource. Make a start.

As with dental websites, which are indefinitely under construction whilst someone tries to make them word-perfect, sales letters are often stuck in the draft stage. It’s important to realise that good is good enough, don’t wait for perfect – better to send something good than nothing at all!


So what holds people back?  Often it’s fear of failure or having time to get it done. You’ll never find the time, you have to make the time.

I’ve worked with lots of practice owners, one of the key factors for success is the ability to pragmatically get things done.

So get that recall letter written, get treatment promotions designed and work on your website. 

Make a start.

For help with marketing planning or copywriting that sells, call 0845 287 3051 or email

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