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Does good oral health help sporting performance?

BXP29516It is well known to dentists that poor oral health can have wider effects, but it has lately been discussed at the The Oral Health and Performance in Sport conference what a difference this could make to Team GBs sports performance.

Prof. Needleman, of the University College London Eastman Dental Institute, says:

“Oral health is important for well-being and successful elite sporting performance. It is amazing that many professional athletes – people who dedicate a huge amount of time and energy to honing their physical abilities – do not have sufficient support for their oral health needs, even though this negatively impacts on their training and performance.”

Team GB’s boxing squad are paying greater attention to the oral health of their athletes now and hoping to see an improvement in their performance overall.

The sort of dental problems that athletes in the study performed by Professor Needleman encountered were conditions that are preventable though regular care and good oral hygiene.


Regardless of their athletic prowess, it’s good to let your patients know of the potential impact their oral health can have on overall health and their performance levels in sport.

This information can be used in your Dental Marketing including your patients newsletter, as many admire famous sportsmen and women they may be encouraged to follow their lead and take care of their teeth and gums. 

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Your Biggest Asset – Your Patients!

It’s not complicated and it isn’t expensive but it takes some energy and commitment to ensure your patients don’t go elsewhere. So what can you do?

Smile Marketing Virtual Marketing Manager

  • Communicate with them more often. This is crucial. Provide interesting information to them on an ongoing basis. Stay in your patients’ minds.
  • Every practice should have a newsletter, either targeting patients or referring practices. For a printed monthly newsletter it only costs about £1 per customer per month, including postage. Send e-newsletters to patients that prefer paperless.
  • Sell more to your patients. This may go against the grain, but a good way to keep patients is tempt them with treatments they may want – a smile makeover or whitening perhaps.
  • Ask your patients opinions. Is there any aspect of your ‘patient journey’ that could be improved? Even if you provide the perfect patient experience, your patients will be pleased to be asked.
  • Surprise them.  Hand your patients a ‘goodie bag’ of dental accessories – toothpaste, brush, tepes, mouthwash – and thank them for coming to your practice, or send them a postcard to thank them. Little surprises create a warm feeling towards your practice and they’ll tell others about you, the lowest cost marketing there is!

For help with setting up a successful patient communications plan, contact us.

Of course, talking, writing and emailing your patients forms part of your brand communications, and we can review these for you and advise best practice.

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To Test or Not to Test

There’s nothing more important in Marketing than R.O.I. (Return on Investment) and the dawn of digital introduced hundreds of ways to measure and test your marketing.

Now we find ourselves wading through the mountains of data collected and wonder if it was really such a blessing. The answer is undoubtedly yes, but you need to be fussier about what you pay attention to with so much information available.

Before you even consider any marketing you need to decide what your objectives are. Getting the right data starts before you implement your strategy. You must decide when devising your door drop/online advert/website listing how you’re going to measure the outcome.

The most common examples are to put a code on a coupon or a reference to quote in an online listing. Many companies ask every single customer ‘Where did you hear about us?’ Please remember that any patient will tell you the most recent or most prominent way they have heard of you, not all the various aspects of your marketing they have seen.


The most accurate way to know what’s working and what isn’t is to run a split test. Without getting too technical it means running two promotions with one difference, then recording the results. That may be the medium, for example, with the same offer both online and on a door drop, each using a different code. Then you simply see which code is redeemed more frequently.

As always if you love the sound of this but don’t want to do the leg work Smile Marketing are here to help, we can assist you from decision making right through to implementation. Click here to get in touch or call 0845 287 3051.

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Is Snail Mail more effective than ever?

Several years ago the general consensus was that the internet would kill off the need for print, especially the costly and time consuming efforts such as Direct Mail. It was also once said that TV would kill the radio. We’re here to tell you neither is dead.  

We all have to make our budgets stretch, with so many online opportunities there’s almost too much choice. We’d just like to say that you should still keep a portion of that pie back for Direct Mail or door drops.


The reason that it was so celebrated before the digital age really took off was simple, getting your message directly into the hands of potential clients. Over the years the amount of junk mail became almost unbearable, so the medium became somewhat abandoned.

Now that most people have taken to the internet with such ferocity (and rightly so) many have completely given up on Direct Mail. With less clutter you are much more likely to get your message through, so now is the ideal time to use this to your advantage by mailing your patient database or running a targeted door drop. This is a great way to reach new and existing patients, especially if you have an offer or discount to entice them!

If you’d like help planning and/or implementing a Direct Mail campaign or door drop why not send us a message? Or call us on 0845 287 3051.

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