The practice decided to update their website and sought specialist copywriting skills and an agency that understood dentistry and patient expectations when seeking dental treatment. Smile Marketing was commissioned to rejuvenate the copy as it didn’t reflect the personality of Carfin Dental Care.

The requirement was to engage prospective patients in a more ‘chatty’, approachable way, with no dental jargon and phrasing text in the language a patient may use.


As part of the rewrite, samples of different styles of writing were presented to the client, the objective being to understand which style they were most comfortable with.  Once a style was agreed, all text was rewritten.

In the treatment-related sections, the copy was written as if the patient was asking the questions e.g. “What is it?” “Is it for me?” “What’s involved?” “How much does it cost?”

Carfin Dental Care is delighted with the new copy approach and it was also incorporated into the new practice brochure, designed by Smile Marketing.

What Carfin Dental said about us.