Top tips to boost patient numbers and fee incomeservices

1. Flaunt your specialisms- if your practice offers specialized services or products then shout about it! You might offer a service that a potential patient travels elsewhere for-  if you’re more convenient for them then it’s likely that they’ll go to your practice instead. Patients might need your service but if they don’t know it’s there then they can’t use it

2. Share your knowledge- offer advisory literature, brief staff on common FAQs, ask patients if they need extra information. Be known for being helpful and your patients will have more confidence in your service. Consequently, they’ll revisit and recommend you to friends and family thus increasing your patient base for free!

3. Be child-friendly- children are notoriously wary of dentists which means that parents have a battle on their hands with every visit. If one of your team gets on well with younger ages then why not direct child patients to them? If a child actually enjoys their trip to the dentist then their parents will be grateful beyond belief and will return to you time and time again

4. Build patient relationships even before they visit- launch or update your website, include a bit of information about each team member, put up pictures or a video of your practice. If a patient feels that they know you before their visit then they’ll feel reassured that your team is friendly, approachable and accessible

5. Don’t sell on price, sell on your service- the dentist down-the-road may be cheaper than you but if you feel that your service is superior then don’t reduce fees to their level in an attempt to win customers. Be confident that you are worth your fees. Patients want good return on any healthcare investment so focus on continuing to maintain your standards and soon enough word will get around that your service offers better value-for-money

6. Thank you- two underused words that can make or break patient relationships. Put them at the bottom of your compliments slip, the bottom of your appointments cards, receipts… just make sure that your patients feel valued. They will take business elsewhere if they feel that they aren’t cared for as an individual. They are only two small words, but they go far