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Practice Identity

First impressions do count. What does your practice image say about your practice, your people? Does it reflect your vision or look amateur, dull or dated? If you were a patient at your practice, how impressed would you be?

Prospective new patients, having few ways to measure the quality of dentistry, often make judgements by assessing how your practice appears to them.  Every detail matters and any practice offering and promoting specialist treatments and cosmetic dentistry must, by definition, present itself in an aesthetically appealing way.

Your practice logo makes a potent and memorable statement. Seen on your stationery, welcome packs, patient leaflets, signage, website and advertising, whether the look is vibrant and eye-catching or calm and sensitive, it is a display that speaks volumes about who you are.

Smile Marketing will spend time listening, understanding your vision and defining the way in which you would like to be perceived – in order to translate this into a visual representation of your practice.

Practice Brochures



Your brochure plays an important role for your practice. Often it is a patient’s first interaction with you so it should reflect the nature and ‘personality’ of your practice. It is an important component of your Welcome Pack.

Design, photography, words and the quality of the print should mirror the quality of your practice and care.

Professional, innovative brochures will inform and educate your patients. The team at Smile Marketing can help guide you through a range of options and talk through what is suitable for your practice and budget.

Brochures should include practice information, contact details, directions and treatment options. The service that Smile Marketing offers can include brochure design, brochure copywriting, aesthetic photography and quality brochure printing.

Welcome & Enquiry Packs


Are you making the best first impression? Would you and your team like to feel more confident when you hand out your practice literature?
Every enquiry is an opportunity to promote the practice, an invitation to send an attractively designed welcome pack that will appeal to new patients and encourage appointments.

Typically a welcome pack will be a folder containing some or all of the following: introductory letter, practice brochure or leaflet, details of treatment options, medical history questionnaire, fee guide, smile analysis form, business cards.

Practices offering specialist treatments such as orthodontics, implants, periodontal treatment, endodontics, smile makeovers and other cosmetic treatments may also choose to produce an elegant brochure specifically tailored to these areas of treatment.

These packs are an investment which should be recouped in additional appointments, treatment uptake and referrals into the practice.


Referral Packs

Referral PacksAs referral packs are a dentist to dentist communication they must be professional, informative and easy to use. Referring dentists need to be assured that their patients are being expertly cared for as well as having an easy referral path. Packs should contain the relevant information to enable the referral to be as smooth as possible.

Referral packs can be produced for orthodontics, endodontics, implants, periodontics, prosthodontics and oral surgery.

Each pack is individual and tailor made for you. The quality of these packs should be of the highest standard to reflect the quality of your work. If you have invested in post graduate training and accept referrals, a comprehensive referral pack is essential.


Stylish and coordinated stationery, incorporating your unique logo, is an important step towards branding your practice, reinforcing your identity and keeping it memorable. Smile Marketing will design your entire range of stationery for that complete professional look: 


  • Letterheads
  • Compliment slips
  • Appointment cards
  • Business cards
  • Referral cards
  • Price Lists
  • Referral pads
  • Smile Analysis forms
  • Medical History forms


Patient Newsletters

Patient Newsletter for Plymouth DentalA newsletter can be an excellent communication tool - an opportunity to inform, update and gently remind patients of all that you offer – thereby increasing appointments and uptake of all treatments.

Sending a newsletter, at least twice a year, is a cost effective way of keeping in touch and encouraging patients to stay loyal to your practice.

Writing your own may seem a good idea, but often feels like one thing too many in an already overloaded schedule.

Tailored to your practice

Smile Marketing creates a customised patient newsletter to suit your practice. Written in an informative, patient friendly style, it features articles on a variety of general and specific dental topics. This stylish double sided A4 newsletter, published 3 times per year – January, April and October - can be personalised with your logo, contact details and general news so it appears unique and individual to your practice.

If yours is a busy surgery, with little or no time for creating articles, a patient newsletter is an ideal solution for keeping in contact with your patients and encouraging regular visits to your practice. You choose how many newsletters you would like each year.