Starry eyes and sparkly smiles!

Exciting times ahead for Smile Marketing! We have teamed up with the media professionals at JSP Media Group and can now offer you the chance to show off your practice using the latest video technology. Jem and his team have an impressive background, including experience at the BBC and Sky, so be assured that you are in capable hands.

So what can you expect? Well, we’re thinking atmospheric music, a professional Voice-Over, a show-and-tell about your practice using interviews with staff, patients, yourself… tadaa! Caught on camera? Pah! Give visitors to your website a real insight… let’s catch you on video camera!

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Smile Marketing wants every age group to have gleaming teeth!

We’d like to help dentist’s to reach even more people to help create healthy smiles across the country!

We are now offering a pack of 4 brochures which give guidelines to dental care according to life stages:

Caring for your first teeth

Oral health for teenagers

Caring for adult teeth

Tooth and gum care for the over 50’s

Fear not! We aren’t offering the type of leaflet that does little to catch the eye. Oh no! We can even personalise the brochures to the image of your company. Your very own Lifetime of Smiles handy-pack. Somehow I don’t think that it’ll only be your patients that are wearing grins!

Interested? Want to know a little bit more? Either way, a quick e-mail should help to answer any questions. Unless this piece of information has already got your business-branding-imagination whirling! In which case, contact us to secure 500 packs of these little treasures (2000 in total) and to get your order in!

Call now on 0845 287 3051 to find out more!