Outdoor media can work really well for dentists

Just to demonstrate that marketing in the “new economy” isn’t just about on-line, text, instant messaging and social media, in a recent campaign for a dental practice promoting implants it achieved a three fold return on investment within one week in a 6 sheet bus shelter poster campaign. 

As well as building awareness, the real acid test is response and new cases, in this instance, high value cases. The keys to success are well positioned sites where heavy traffic is always slow moving, simple stand-out creative and BIG call-to-action (telephone number and web address).

Of course, mentioning when the posters are going up in a Tweet won’t do any harm!

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Dental Business Growth Workshops in London

Steve Davey and Pree Panchmatia, renowned dental business and marketing specialists, are hosting a FREE half day practical workshop (worth £395) in London’s West End.

Yes, it is free, but this valuable session is likely to appeal only to ambitious and entrepreneurial practice owners who are committed to substantial business growth.
Entitled ‘What is the real ‘hidden wealth’ in your practice, and how can you release it?’, it enables dental practice owners to address the following questions: –

How can I best maximise my profitability? What are the best and safest ways to slash my business and personal taxes? Why patients should beat a path to my practice rather than another? What are the best ways of getting a steady stream of my ideal patients? How can I get revitalised to enjoy my dentistry again, make more and work less?

For all principals who are disappointed with their current financial results, then this workshop is a ‘must attend’.

Pree Panchmatia specialises in business growth and financial planning and advises dental practices on how to maximize the effectiveness of the team to engage patients and improve revenue. Steve Davey specialises in all aspects of marketing the practice to achieve best ROI – to include new patient acquisition, maximizing your patient list and helping you introduce additional treatments.

Their combined approach ensures dental practices and other sector businesses receive a unique mix of skills and over 45 years experience in helping businesses improve their profitability.

To reserve your place or more information, call 0845 287 3051 or email us.