Dentists can obtain finance for Marketing

With many dental practices having spent considerable sums of money upgrading their premises for CQC annd HTM purposes, the pot may be largely empty for other vital areas of investment.  Marketing falls into that category.

With the banks applying stringent criteria for capital expentiture loans, it’s safe to say that practice Principals may not be aware that that finance can be made available for working capital, which can be used for essential marketing investment.  Whether a new or upgraded website that will deliver patient enquiries and appointments, proven advertising tactics that have worked or other forms of marketing where a significant ROI can be confidently predicted, it is possible to raise funds.  

Sure, the sums involved need to be of reasonable size, say £5 – £10k or more, but it’s an option for dentists looking to launch a practice, build awareness quickly, promote new treatments or clinicians, increase their patient numbers significantly or attract highvalue cases.

So, who can provide the finance? LDF specialise in finance and unsecured loans for dentists and other professions. Go to  

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London Tube Advertising Campaign Goes Live

The Harley Dental Centre of Excellence, based in Harley Street, is launching a new, lower cost dental scheme spanning implants, invisible braces, cosmetic dental treatments and general dental care. To promote this unique service, in-carriage posters are positioned in a large number of trains in the network as part of a multi-media marketing campaign from 19th September.

Patients are invited to text, scan QR code, phone or visit the website: – to arrange an appointment or for more information on the Scheme.  It is anticipated that there will be a high level of interest amongst commuters and people living in Central London and the early signs are excellent with several appointments booked on the first day.

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