Cost Savings With New Validation Process for Autoclaves

After an intense period of research, Smile Maintenance in partnership with Ellab, an innovative Danish manufacturer of dental equipment, have launched Tracksense Pro, a revolutionary new validation process for bench top autoclaves and other sterilizing devices such as washer disinfectors, which allows a quick and simple method to test and validate in a fraction of the time, saving dental practices a lot of money. As Trevor Herbert, MD of Smile Maintenance, said:

“For many practices, validation can take many hours of disruption and unnecessary ‘down time’. Based on an hourly earning rate this can equate to a significant amount of lost income and on a regular basis. At Smile Maintenance we carry out many yearly validations and I’d recommend practices ensure they shop around for a good deal as the autoclave manufacturers can often be significantly more expensive than other reputable engineers.”

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