Is your dental referral centre LinkedIn?

For dental practices and referral centres in particular, LinkedIn can help to build your online profile and make connections with other professionals who can potentially refer cases to your practice.  Whether you offer orthodontic treatment, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants or other more complex treatment, LinkedIn is a great B2B networking tool, if used strategically and regularly.

LinkedIn, if you like, is the business social networking equivalent of Facebook and enables business professionals to keep in touch online. LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to connect with other dental practices, clinicians, suppliers, academics and thought leaders and  potentially build a referral network.

On LinkedIn, you can share knowledge and join discussion groups on topics of mutual interest, whether clinical subject matter or topics related to running a successful referral practice.

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Showcase your practice via YouTube

Last week, we looked at how Twitter can help dental practices.  So what about YouTube, the video channel network where people can share video content online?

YouTube is an ideal way to visually promote your dental or orthodontic practice as you can provide a video showcasing your wonderful facilities. You can introduce your practice to patients, explain your approach to treatment and importantly, you can feature real patient testimonials.  Website statistics reveal that prospective patients like to view what other other patients say about your practice before they pick up the phone to book an appointment.

A little more on YouTube.  It is owned by Google and is considered to be the second largest search engine (as you can search for videos on it) behind Google. Google currently owns approx. 90% of the search engine market in the UK and it likes social media because it shows you are continually active online. This means that your social media pages are likely to appear near the top of search results, making it easier for people to find your dental practice.

By embedding your practice video into your website, this will help optimise the website for search engines such as Google that highly value video content on sites. This will push your website higher up search engine rankings.

For examples of how we have helped ortho and dental practices maximise the value of their practice videos on YouTube, contact us.

To tweet or not to tweet…….

…..that is the question.  Twitter is a micro message instant chat network that is growing fast, with 0.5 million new users every day.  But does it hold value for dental practices?

Well yes, it simply provides another way for patients, dentists, nurses, practice managers and others to keep in touch.  As part of their social media strategy, dental practices can set up a Twitter profile and post updates for people to follow in their own Twitter stream. This means you can quickly send news about the practice, appointment availability and new treatments to a large number of people. It is also potentially a great place to interact with your patients and prospective patients, helping you to provide better customer service.

Keep your tweets chatty and relevant. It might be that a new tropical fish tank is being installed in the waiting area today or that Reception area has been refurbished or that a new fresh coffee machine has arrived  – something that says that you are investing in the patient experience at your practice.

As with Facebook, it is easy for followers to share content that is of interest with their friends and family, which will quickly spread your news much further. Over time this should encourage more people to use the dental practice.

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