Direct mail – is it still worth it?

It’s now commonplace to think that direct mail has been replaced by email marketing. Why? As email is quicker, less expensive and more ‘modern’, you hear people say “snail mail” or “I can’t afford postage anymore” and other phrases to justify their decision not to use direct mail.

But let’s examine a few things. Ask yourself which is the most cluttered, your email inbox or your doormat? I receive over 100 emails per day and I don’t open then all. Like most people, I do a quick ‘sift’, so not everything is read, or even noticed unless it has an exceptional message. On the other hand, I receive around one or two pieces of direct mail per day, excluding bills! Each one gets noticed at least and if it is relevant or exciting, I read it. Direct mail can still get a fantastic response, if well targeted and relevant to the recipient.

The Internet and email have been ‘hardwired’ into our psyche. After all, most people are online and rightly so because great email marketing and a web presence are a ‘given’ for any business, whether a dental practice, dental supplies company, law firm specialising in dental transactions or other business serving the dental sector.

The truth is, it’s good to mix things up. Email marketing is important, as is a spread of media, tested and measured.  A great marketing plan should include email marketing but it should include direct mail as well.  Are you testing it within your recall programme? If you are an orthodontic practice or an implant referral centre targeting GDPs, are you sending personal invites for your training events or ‘study club’ sessions? If you are a general practice with patients spending regular, hard-earned income with you, are you sending them ‘thank you’ cards.

In our team, we have experienced marketers who ‘cut their cloth’ in direct marketing – direct mail and email marketing – and know how best to ensure you maximise your response, that is, patient enquiries and, of course, appointments.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be taking you through what makes a great mail shot and the 10 easy steps to a perfect direct mail campaign. For a quick chat about how to improve the return on investment from your direct mail activity, contact us.