Launching a new ‘squat’ practice

We have recently been appointed to help launch a brand new practice in the Midlands.

Its always great to be involved from the start, providing a ‘sounding board’ for the owner’s business plan and sharing in the vision.

Here’s a checklist of the key actions and decisions that need addressing for squats: –

Business Plan – the roadmap, including the financial objectives for both the owner(s) and practice, check local grant opportunities, budgeting

Market Research – catchment assessment, socio-demographics, unique local factors, competitor & pricing analysis

Patient Experience – developing and mapping this to reflect your “ideal patient”, including developing the “wow” – what will turn your patients into your ‘sales team’

Strategy Development – to include pre-launch, launch and ‘business as usual’, positioning the practice, treatment mix (including core specialisms)

Practice Branding – brand values, imagery (including logo), team buy-in, selling messages, patient literature

Team Planning – clinical, management and customer service skills and core competencies needed to serve your ideal patients, recruitment and training needs

Supplier & Partner Research & Selection – financial planning, architect, building, refurbishment, trades, signage, equipment, supplies, legal, accountancy, practice management software, recruitment, training, membership plan, patient finance, professional insurances, branding, website, digital & community marketing

Marketing Planning – prelaunch, launch and post launch phases, ROI projections, lead generation & patient acquisition, income & membership targets, resourcing

Choosing external expertise my be daunting for some owners but there’s help in all of these areas. I’m always happy to point prospective practice owners in the right direction.

Launching Zoom to Growth!

With confidence growing in the dental sector, evidenced by the number of practices increasing their marketing investment, associates currently working in corporates planning to launch a ‘squat’ and practice memberships continuing to grow – all supported by the continued strong demand for aesthetic dentistry – we have developed a new service to ensure practice owners and small groups invest wisely as we begin to move out of ‘lockdown’.

We’re offering a 1:1 Growth Clinic – ‘Zoom to Growth’ – where dental owners can raise issues and talk about challenges they’re facing at their practice(s). So whether it’s lead generation – acquiring more high-value patients (Dental Implants, Smile Makeovers, Invisalign or Lingual Braces), launching a new treatment, or increasing referrals, I can provide advice or be a ‘sounding board’, potentially improving return from any marketing investment and guiding practices to the most cost effective marketing activities in their catchment area.

With more ‘non essential’ businesses opening up shortly, competition for consumer £££ will intensify and this includes aesthetic dentistry, part of discretionary spend.  So planning now and scheduling marketing campaigns – whether emailing your patient list, advertising on Facebook & Instagram, Pay Per Lead or local PR – is even more important now.

‘Zoom to Growth’ clinics are available every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (2pm, 3pm, 4pm). They are 30 minute sessions, and are held 1:1 via Zoom (or phone if preferred).

Get in touch with Steve Davey here to find out more:


A Preferred Education Pathway for Ambitious Dental Professionals

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with an innovative dental education & training organisation that stands out from what has traditionally been offered to aspiring and practising dentists.

Dental Routes™ offers students, newly qualified dentists and experienced practitioners the opportunity to improve skills and knowledge as well as achieve a clear and rewarding career pathway. They offer a holistic experience; an honest, pragmatic partnership designed to maximise the career and business goals of dental professionals.

As a truly impartial, unbiased platform for learning, Dental Routes was established to become a definitive learning, training, research and mentoring resource.

There are many benefits of joining Dental Routes: –

  • The Dental Routes Online Platform (DROP) provides a tailored learning, training and mentoring pathway for aspiring dentists
  • A personalised programme for specific career development needs
  • Unique blend of education, mentor-led training, multi-disciplinary learning and peer support
  • Access to an International roster of speakers that provide a multitude of clinical and professional perspectives, all adding to the learning experience
  • Wide range of services including clinical courses, webinars and proprietary learning materials,
  • A convenient, efficient and enjoyable way of learning and personal development for ‘time poor’ dental professionals

For more information call Krishna on 07985 557641, email or go to

The Advanced Way of Generating Quality Implant Leads

Lead generation for Implant and Invisalign patients is not a new thing. It typically involves the use of Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and email to generate enquiries. Once provided to the dental practice, it is left to them to ‘convert’ that lead into a consultation. Success depends on three main factors; firstly, the quality of the lead, that is, how serious the enquirer is about treatment, their demographic, their state on mind (how their dental situation is affecting their life) and their expectations of price and value. Secondly, the skills, knowledge, resilience and availability of the Treatment Coordinator (or other person following up the lead). After all, for a ‘considered purchase’ like dental implants or an orthodontic treatment, some people will take their time and will need some reassurance. Thirdly, having a lead nurturing system will maximise the Return on Investment, ideally to include some automation so some enquiries don’t fall through the cracks.

Many digital agencies are good at generating leads but the quality is often lacking, which means conversion rates are very low and practice owners get frustrated. A high number of unqualified, poor quality leads also drains practice resource and the Treatment Coordinator making the calls, emails, texts and whatsapp messages gets demotivated.

Our approach is to focus on quality as well as quantity. Providing support across all 3 factors (above) ensures a ROI that outperforms the industry average, with conversion rates (new patients ‘in the chair’) ranging from 10 – 40%, resulting in happy clients. Here’s a new testimonial just in:

“I have been very happy with the Pay Per Lead service from Smile Marketing.  We received 10 cases in a very short period with a good conversion rate for treatment. I would highly recommend the service” Gary Dorman – Principal, Hartley Dental