A Preferred Education Pathway for Ambitious Dental Professionals

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with an innovative dental education & training organisation that stands out from what has traditionally been offered to aspiring and practising dentists.

Dental Routes™ offers students, newly qualified dentists and experienced practitioners the opportunity to improve skills and knowledge as well as achieve a clear and rewarding career pathway. They offer a holistic experience; an honest, pragmatic partnership designed to maximise the career and business goals of dental professionals.

As a truly impartial, unbiased platform for learning, Dental Routes was established to become a definitive learning, training, research and mentoring resource.

There are many benefits of joining Dental Routes: –

  • The Dental Routes Online Platform (DROP) provides a tailored learning, training and mentoring pathway for aspiring dentists
  • A personalised programme for specific career development needs
  • Unique blend of education, mentor-led training, multi-disciplinary learning and peer support
  • Access to an International roster of speakers that provide a multitude of clinical and professional perspectives, all adding to the learning experience
  • Wide range of services including clinical courses, webinars and proprietary learning materials,
  • A convenient, efficient and enjoyable way of learning and personal development for ‘time poor’ dental professionals

For more information call Krishna on 07985 557641, email hello@dentalroutes.org or go to www.dentalroutes.org