How To Win Back Lapsed Patients

Keeping in touch with your patients, whether current or lapsed, is one of the best ways to keep your occupancy levels high and appointment book full.

Sure, breakthrough thinking and new ideas are the lifeblood of really successful businesses – and dental practices are no exception. But I talk to numerous practice owners and they are so busy looking for brand new, ‘out of the box’ ideas that they miss the clear opportunities staring them in the face – the “in the box” profit opportunities.

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Do Americans Have Better Teeth?

The English have suffered a century of jokes about our ‘terrible’ teeth. 

But I can hear dentists all over the country breath a sign of relief when I say it turns out the English will have the last laugh – because our smiles are not as wonky as our US friends would have us believe.

Americans do not have better teeth than the English, researchers have proven. “the research suggests there are consistently wider educational and income inequalities in oral health in the US compared with England.”

This oral health comparison if from the British Medical Journal, read the full press release here.

London Tube Advertising Campaign Goes Live

The Harley Dental Centre of Excellence, based in Harley Street, is launching a new, lower cost dental scheme spanning implants, invisible braces, cosmetic dental treatments and general dental care. To promote this unique service, in-carriage posters are positioned in a large number of trains in the network as part of a multi-media marketing campaign from 19th September.

Patients are invited to text, scan QR code, phone or visit the website: – to arrange an appointment or for more information on the Scheme.  It is anticipated that there will be a high level of interest amongst commuters and people living in Central London and the early signs are excellent with several appointments booked on the first day.

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