Choosing the right Google Ads partner

Most weeks, if not days, we are offered PPC support for our business, so for dental practices who find marketing an unknown quantity and certainly not used to procuring marketing services, it’s not surprising that it can be very confusing.  

Asking the right questions is a good starting point. For example:
– What return can I expect from my investment; that is; how many high quality leads (and by this you mean people who have been qualified as being ‘in the market’ for a treatment) can I expect?
– Can a defined catchment area be set for my leads? This will vary between practices (city, region, town, rural, coastal….)?
– Can I focus on specific treatments such as Dental Implants?
– Is there a monthly management fee? If so, what does this include?
– Is there an advertising budget on top? If so, what am I likely to be paying per click and per month?
– Will I be given guidance on how best to convert the leads in a follow up call?   

You may also want to ask them if they have any experience in the dental sector because, as with all sectors, there are nuances to take account of and specific tactics that increase response.  

If in any doubt, we can advise on your best option or you may simply want to sign up for Smile Pay Per Lead which means you haven’t got to worry about all the set-up, management fees and ad budgets. You simply pay for the high quality leads we generate from selected online channels including Google Ads.  

For a chat about how many leads can be generated in your area, call Steve on 07974 748550 or Trevor on 07939 543642.