Measurable Dental Marketing continues to evolve

When I first embarked on a marketing career 25 years ago, it soon became apparent that direct response marketing was a crucial component of most businesses; that is to test, measure and ensure that your marketing activities are judged in terms of return on investment. Measurable marketing has moved on a lot of course, with the Internet, e-Newsletters and social media all adding to the range of media that can be measured accurately and instantly.

Also, Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) are tried and trusted for driving people to your website and Blogs like this help to drive enquiries and traffic to your website but some of these new techniques are even more targeted.

Re-Marketing or Re-Targeting as it is often known, allows you to keep communicating to the people who visit your website but who leave without calling you or leaving their details. This is used extensively by property search sites and houses you have checked out follow you around the web.  By the same token, for dental practices this is an opportunity to cost effectively win high value patients, those that are perhaps researching on-line a specialist treatment they are considering, whether dental implants, lingual braces or root canal therapy.  It’s a great breakthrough, highly measurable and can be tested by small and large practices alike. For the full range of web-based opportunities, contact us.

In our next Blog, I’ll be talking about targeted banner display advertising which is an incredibly powerful way of attracting people to your website but is little known within the dental profession.

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