When is multi-lingual marketing important?

Sometimes clients arrive with the more unique of challenges – which would describe Mitcham Dental’s circumstances when they approached us.  

Being based in an ethnically diverse area of Surrey, we were tasked with attracting ‘hard to reach’ members of local community groups – ‘speaking’ to a breadth of market segments which spanned a diverse array of cultures and languages (practice staff at Mitcham Dental speak Creole, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Urdu).

This project demanded a four-pronged approach, involving a fresh brand re-design; overhauled practice visibility and signage; the launch of a new website and shaping multi-lingual marketing to specified areas within the practice catchment area.

We played a pivotal role in Mitcham Dental fulfilling their NHS contract, drove up footfall and have left the practice with a welcoming, inclusive brand image.

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