Is your dental referral centre LinkedIn?

By Smile Marketing / 23rd May 2012

For dental practices and referral centres in particular, LinkedIn can help to build your online profile and make connections with other professionals who can potentially refer cases to your practice.  Whether you offer orthodontic treatment, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants or other more complex treatment, LinkedIn is a great B2B networking tool, if used strategically and regularly. LinkedIn, if …

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Showcase your practice via YouTube

By Smile Marketing / 12th May 2012

Last week, we looked at how Twitter can help dental practices.  So what about YouTube, the video channel network where people can share video content online? YouTube is an ideal way to visually promote your dental or orthodontic practice as you can provide a video showcasing your wonderful facilities. You can introduce your practice to patients, explain …

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To tweet or not to tweet…….

By Smile Marketing / 4th May 2012

…..that is the question.  Twitter is a micro message instant chat network that is growing fast, with 0.5 million new users every day.  But does it hold value for dental practices? Well yes, it simply provides another way for patients, dentists, nurses, practice managers and others to keep in touch.  As part of their social …

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Social Media – is it worth it for dental practices?

By Smile Marketing / 28th April 2012

It’s an overwelming “yes” if you are looking to build your patient base and engage with your current patients. Firstly, the sheer volume of people, including your patients, that use this form of communication. Did you know that over half the UK population are on social media? It is currently ranked the fourth most popular activity on …

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Active patient retention. It's a must for survival and growth

By Smile Marketing / 2nd April 2012

If you are finding it hard to attract new patients cost effectively and many practices are, it’s even more crucial that dental practices have patient retention initiatives and systems in place. Reactivation or recall are terms often used to describe encouraging patients back in for an appointment. Before doing any reactivation with your patient list it’s …

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Cost Savings With New Validation Process for Autoclaves

By Smile Marketing / 1st March 2012

After an intense period of research, Smile Maintenance in partnership with Ellab, an innovative Danish manufacturer of dental equipment, have launched Tracksense Pro, a revolutionary new validation process for bench top autoclaves and other sterilizing devices such as washer disinfectors, which allows a quick and simple method to test and validate in a fraction of the time, saving dental …

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More FREE Dental Implant Training Days Planned for 2012

By Smile Marketing / 1st October 2011

Following the success of the first workshop on 9th September, further clinical implant training workshops are planned for 2012, with the first one on 27th January. Aimed at qualifying implant dentists, inexperienced implantologists and well established practitioners looking to learn about the more complex cases, Smile Dental Implant Training Days represent a unique opportunity to …

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Dentists can obtain finance for Marketing

By Smile Marketing / 3rd August 2011

With many dental practices having spent considerable sums of money upgrading their premises for CQC annd HTM purposes, the pot may be largely empty for other vital areas of investment.  Marketing falls into that category. With the banks applying stringent criteria for capital expentiture loans, it’s safe to say that practice Principals may not be aware that that …

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London Tube Advertising Campaign Goes Live

By Smile Marketing / 1st August 2011

The Harley Dental Centre of Excellence, based in Harley Street, is launching a new, lower cost dental scheme spanning implants, invisible braces, cosmetic dental treatments and general dental care. To promote this unique service, in-carriage posters are positioned in a large number of trains in the network as part of a multi-media marketing campaign from …

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Outdoor media can work really well for dentists

By Smile Marketing / 21st May 2011

Just to demonstrate that marketing in the “new economy” isn’t just about on-line, text, instant messaging and social media, in a recent campaign for a dental practice promoting implants it achieved a three fold return on investment within one week in a 6 sheet bus shelter poster campaign.  As well as building awareness, the real acid test is response …

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