Is introducing facial & skin treatments a sound business idea?

By Smile Marketing / 1st August 2019

I often get asked by practice principals what the value of a facial aesthetics business can be for their dental practice. There are of course lots of factors to consider, including the premises and capacity, whether the use of an existing dental surgery stacks up financially, the recruitment or training of qualified and dedicated practitioners, …

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The Business Case for a Patient Membership Plan

By Smile Marketing / 7th June 2019

Recent evidence compiled by Privilege Plan reveals compelling business reasons for encouraging patients to join a membership scheme.

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Join The Smile Team

By Smile Marketing / 27th February 2019

To continue its growth path, Smile is looking for a talented individual to join the team at our Teignmouth HQ. The position we’re are looking to fill is for a Marketing Assistant responsible for working closely with our designers, copywriters, social media specialists and external digital agencies. 

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How To Win Back Lapsed Patients

By Smile Marketing / 20th January 2019

Keeping in touch with your patients, whether current or lapsed, is one of the best ways to keep your occupancy levels high and appointment book full. Sure, breakthrough thinking and new ideas are the lifeblood of really successful businesses – and dental practices are no exception. But I talk to numerous practice owners and they …

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Marketing – Making It Happen

By Smile Marketing / 15th December 2018

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. To make it happen, you first need a plan, a roadmap if you like. In the same way you don’t get in your car without knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, it’s the same for building a business.

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Do Americans Have Better Teeth?

By Smile Marketing / 13th November 2018

The English have suffered a century of jokes about our ‘terrible’ teeth.  But I can hear dentists all over the country breath a sign of relief when I say it turns out the English will have the last laugh – because our smiles are not as wonky as our US friends would have us believe. …

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Excellent Marketing Support Now – Pay Later

By Smile Marketing / 1st March 2017

We are getting into the festive period frenzy of special offers and deals – from holidays to furniture to any number of potential gifts. But it’s refreshing to know that for business planning, marketing advice, branding, website and patient communications, your costs can be spread over several months. Following the expense of practice refurbishments and equipment upgrades for CQC and HTM 01-05, …

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Marketing Your Practice – The Personal Touch

By Smile Marketing / 1st August 2016

No two practices are the same! They are a unique combination of your brand, range of treatments, premises, locations, what your patients are like and the personalities of your staff. Your practice is one of a kind. So why should your marketing be any different? We’ll talk through what you’d like to achieve and how to …

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Do You Measure Your Marketing?

By Smile Marketing / 17th February 2016

Having spent many years working with dentists who often have very little experience with marketing, (and why should they?) it’s not surprising that if your clients are employing a marketing agency for the first time, you need to reassure them – not only with your experience, expertise, success stories and client recommendations – but for …

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Here Comes The Bride -To Be!

By Smile Marketing / 12th January 2016

For all dental practices, it’s important to decide who are your ideal patients. Where do they live? What kind of service do they expect? Are they young, older, male, female? Are they affluent, price sensitive, looking for a dental ‘package’ e.g. a membership scheme? Are they in certain jobs like airline stewards and stewardesses, actors & …

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