Vlogging (Video – Blogging)

By Smile Marketing / 7th January 2016

Taking your blogs up a notch into vlogs is a great way to get your message across online. With such a face to face (or face to teeth!) profession it’s a great way to let patients get to know you, without having to spend lots of time with them individually. Not sure what to blog …

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How To: Get the most out of Social Media

By Smile Marketing / 22nd December 2015

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ are sites visited by thousands of people every day. By creating a profile on each of these sites, you will build new opportunities for potential patients to find your practice, as well as increasing traffic to your website. Any type of local business that uses social media will almost always …

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On the 12th day of Christmas…

By Smile Marketing / 17th December 2015

…You should have your 2016 Marketing Plan ready! It’s that time of year when businesses, including dental practices, have the ambition to make the New Year their best year ever. All too often though, it never really happens and one of the reasons is that the practice doesn’t have a business plan and almost certainly …

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How To: Create a Practice Event

By Smile Marketing / 1st October 2015

At the moment we’re helping several clients to create and promote open days. This is a great way of showcasing new treatments as well as building relationships and rapport with patients. To help you create an event for your practice here’s a list of the things you’ll need to think about: Your Event Checklist Select a …

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How To: Create Affiliate Links Locally

By Smile Marketing / 1st September 2015

This is possibly the best marketing tip for any business on a tight budget; and it is a great way to encourage patient referrals from local businesses to your dental practice. What are affiliates? Individuals or companies who promote your treatments on their website, in their premises or via their newsletter in exchange for discounts …

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Marketing. Making it happen!

By Smile Marketing / 20th August 2015

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. To make it happen, you first need a plan, a roadmap if you like. In the same way you don’t get in your car without knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there, it’s the same for building …

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How To: Win Back Dormant Patients

By Smile Marketing / 13th August 2015

Keeping in touch with your patients, whether current or lapsed, is one of the best ways to keep your patient lists full and appointments booked. Sure, breakthrough thinking and new ideas are the lifeblood of really successful businesses – and dental practices are no exception. I talk to numerous practice owners and business owners from …

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Your Cost Effective Dental HR Solution

By Smile Marketing / 6th August 2015

Every now and again we like to introduce other recommended services to the dental community. Right Hand HR is a leading provider of flexible and practical people management solutions for practices of all sizes. They are the right choice for your practice if you want: Reduced Costs Increased Productivity Legal Compliance / Peace of Mind …

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Educating Your Patients

By Smile Marketing / 30th July 2015

Make sure you keep your patients informed about oral health. The BDHF released some interesting facts about oral health in Britain to make people more aware of their oral health. 74% of all British adults have had a tooth removed That works out to more than 60 million adults who have lost a tooth, this can …

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Blog Lesson 1: Show Your Knowledge

By Smile Marketing / 21st July 2015

Your dental website cannot contain all of the details about everything you know without losing its overall effectiveness as a key communication to patients and prospective patients. One of the best things about a blog is that the small, focused nature of each article allows you to expand on one specific aspect of dentistry and …

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