“I have been involved in the dental industry for almost 20 years, and during that time have worked with many organisations supplying marketing services to the industry.  As the Managing Director of Privilege Plan, I often get drawn into discussions about marketing and am asked to recommend companies who can help. Up until recently I have been reluctant to make any recommendations as my previous experience has often been a disappointing one where the marketing “experts” tend to charge a great deal of money and supply a poor “one size fits all” marketing package.

I have been working closely with Smile Dental Marketing since early 2017 and I wanted to explain why I am recommending them to many of my clients. They have great industry knowledge and invest time in getting to fully understand the practice position by completing in-depth analysis of local demographics and competitors. Their marketing plans for each practice are directed by the vision and aims of the practice owner and informed by local and global intelligence. Their hands-on support ensures any plans are delivered and the output measured, helping to ensure future marketing budgets are invested into activities that really work to bring growth in revenue and profit.
Perhaps, just as importantly, they are professional, friendly and patient – not letting a great idea fall at the first hurdle because the practice team lack the knowledge or time to follow it through. I can’t recommend them highly enough and am delighted that at last I can recommend a marketing company without any hesitation – they deliver great results!”

Lesley Bailey – Managing Director

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