Social Media – is it worth it for dental practices?

It’s an overwelming “yes” if you are looking to build your patient base and engage with your current patients.

Firstly, the sheer volume of people, including your patients, that use this form of communication. Did you know that over half the UK population are on social media? It is currently ranked the fourth most popular activity on the internet (above email).

Four of the most well known ones – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn offer your dental practice the best opportunity to reach the people you want at your practice.

The primary and most well known social media platform is Facebook. There are approximately 800 million members worldwide. 100 million of those are active on the site every day, keeping in touch with friends and family.

Dental practices can set up a Facebook Page where updates on the activities taking place at the practice can be posted. For example, latest dental news, booking availability, and special offers could all be added to the Page. Useful information such as top tips on how to look after your teeth could also be posted, as could information on more specialist type of treatments. A person can share content they particularly like with friends and family. Potentially this content could then go viral (spread fast) within Facebook.

A Facebook Page offers existing patients the opportunity to “like” the page and follow it for updates. These updates will then appear on their personal Facebook profiles where their friends and family may also see them. In addition, Facebook Ad campaigns (pay per click adverts) can be run that target particular age groups and locations. These will gain further likes for the Facebook Page. Over time, all these activities may draw new people to your dental practice as they become aware of the range of services you provide.

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