A WIN on the Wirral

Sunlight Orthodontics is a well-established specialist ortho practice. They contacted the Smile Marketing team with two tasks; first, build GDP referrals; and second, generate new adult patients, which would include ‘WIN’ lingual (hidden) braces.

Behind these tasks were two concrete goals – to significantly increase private income and found a sustainable growth plan.

We then moved on to inviting and encouraging general dentists to refer patients to a specialist orthodontist.

We set to work on building the patient base – initially spreading awareness of the practice and their range of teeth straightening options within the local catchment area.

Finally, we offered affordable private brace treatment plans for two patient segments in need of an alternative – children that didn’t qualify under IOTN criteria for NHS braces, and those stuck on the NHS waiting list – whether child or adult. 

This initiative provided two invaluable benefits for patients – an alternative to fixed, metal “train tracks” and ‘fast tracking’ of their treatment.

“Prior to working with them, we had tried to find our own way through the marketing minefield and had wasted much time and money. With their help, we have implemented a more professional and effective marketing strategy which has seen the private gross of the practice more than double.” 

Dr Joe Dwyer

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