The Business Case for a Patient Membership Plan

Recent evidence compiled by Privilege Plan reveals compelling business reasons for encouraging patients to join a membership scheme.

Here’s a summary of the key benefits:

1. More regular attendance – on average plan patients attend once every 8 months compared to once every 20 months for non-plan patients

2. Patients are more committed – fail to attend and late cancellations reduce by up to 45%

3. Higher patient spend – members spend more on their dental health and appearance (cosmetic)

4. Predictable cash flow – fees received from members are in advance of patient attendance, providing predictable income for both practice and dental health professionals

5. Happier patients – membership creates a more pleasurable experience as members do not pay for their regular care and the perception is that these services are “free” at the point of delivery

6. Supporting NHS conversion – affordable plans can be used to help upsell private dentistry, the ‘bridge’ between NHS and private provision

7. Boosts new patient acquisition – affordable payment plans are a very marketable option for most practices

8. Brand equity – increased patient loyalty and recurring income adds value to the dental business

9. Patients are educated – regular attendance provides more opportunity to motivate patients and intervene early when treatment is required

10. Allows opportunity to upsell -by spreading the cost of regular care, patients are more likely to afford and justify additional spend

To discuss the additional profit you could achieve for your practice and how best to launch a membership plan, contact Lesley Bailey at Privilege Plan on 01536 771219 or email