The Power of Dental Branding

You may wonder what relevance branding has to a dental practice, I mean it works for Disney and Google, but how can it be applied to your dental practice?

Firstly it is appreciating what a brand is – it’s a set of associations that people make with a company, product or service. Branding is the way organisations harness, generate and control these associations in order to improve their business.

Having a brand for your practice will create a difference in people’s minds between you and your competition, whether that be for patients locally or potential referring GDPs.

A brand adds value to your practice and people see a well branded service as better quality, so worth paying more for. Your challenge is to ensure your patients have an emotional attachment to your brand, as their friendly dentist for example, and that will then be applied to all your treatments and patient plans.

‘We like to think of ourselves as rational human beings but there is no escaping that the way we think and act is triggered and shaped by our initial emotional response’                                                                               Du Plessis, 2005

Are you a specialist in Endodontics, Periodontics or Orthodontics? Your brand doesn’t have to be based on your practice, your brand can be based around you as a Specialist.

Remember, once you’ve created your brand it isn’t set in stone. Disney and Google update their branding every few years to keep the brand current whilst retaining the existing brand associations.

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