What makes a great dental practice press release?

Once you have decided to embark on some local PR for your practice, you need to think about how to get the press excited, and that means news that the editor thinks will benefit readers.

Just announcing your news isn’t enough. The launch of your new treatment or the additional clinician at your practice may be news to you, but to a reporter or editor, who has to read hundreds of releases about new products and services, it’s not likely to be interesting news. Therefore, it may find it’s way quickly to the bin.

Suppose as an Ortho practice you’ve just added lingual braces to your brace treatment options and as part of the launch you’ve decided to offer patients a free initial consultation. You won’t drum up much interest if your headline reads “orthodontic practice launches invisible braces” and your first paragraph reads “(named) practice, based in (place) is now offering invisible braces. As part of the launch, the practice is offering a free initial consultation……”

You’re more likely to get interest and get a story written about you by changing your headline and first paragraph to focus on the offer and what’s in it for readers.  For instance the headline might read: “free consultation offer for adults seeking invisible braces”.  The first paragaph could say something like: “For adults who’d prefer a discrete brace option, (named) practice, based in (place) is now offering the latest in invisible braces. As part of the launch, the practice is offering a free initial consultation……”

Before you start writing the release, do choose the angle (what’s interesting about your news) to use . If you will be sending your release to various media (local newspapers, dental press, local radio and TV stations, your contacts, etc.) you may have to use different angles for the different media.

In our next Blog, we’ll focus on some more practical tips for “hooking” the editor and convincing him/her there is something in the rest of the release that will be worth publishing.

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