Writing press releases that grab attention for your practice

When  you have some great new news for your practice or specialist referral centre, the challenge is to get your press release noticed by busy editors. The real breakthrough to getting media attention is to stimulate the editor’s interest in your message, that is, make the editor who receives your release think “Here is something that will interest my readers.”

So what does interest editors and their readers about a dental practice? Your release should contain actual “news” about yourself, your treatments or services, your practice, or personnel in your practice. But it has to be “news” that other people will want to know about or need to know about. Information that qualifies as news (depending on whether it for your local press or dental publications) may include announcements about:

  • Launch of a new treatment
  • Opening of a new practice
  • Awards you or your practice have won
  • “Firsts” (e.g., first to offer a particular service e.g. saturday opening, early morning appointments, 0% finance in your area
  • Charity events your practice is sponsoring
  • Winners of a contest you’ve sponsored
  • Free seminars you are offering e.g. clinical, other CPD
  • Free patient “goodie bag”  as part of a Smile Month offering
  • Results or a survey your practice has conducted
  • Opening of a new business
  • Donations you’ve made to a charity / non-profit group

Once you are clear on the reasons for the announcement, your ‘angle’, the next task is to draft a press release but always with exciting the readers in mind. Our next Blog will be how to write a press release that resonates with both editors and prospective patients.

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