Your Biggest Asset – Your Patients!

It’s not complicated and it isn’t expensive but it takes some energy and commitment to ensure your patients don’t go elsewhere. So what can you do?

    • Communicate with them more often. This is crucial. Provide interesting information to them on an ongoing basis. Stay in your patients’ minds.
    • Every practice should have a newsletter, either targeting patients or referring practices. For a printed monthly newsletter it only costs about £1 per customer per month, including postage. Send e-newsletters to patients that prefer paperless.
    • Sell more to your patients. This may go against the grain, but a good way to keep patients is tempt them with treatments they may want – a smile makeover or whitening perhaps.
    • Ask your patients opinions. Is there any aspect of your ‘patient journey’ that could be improved? Even if you provide the perfect patient experience, your patients will be pleased to be asked.
  • Surprise them.  Hand your patients a ‘goodie bag’ of dental accessories – toothpaste, brush, tepes, mouthwash – and thank them for coming to your practice, or send them a postcard to thank them. Little surprises create a warm feeling towards your practice and they’ll tell others about you, the lowest cost marketing there is!

For help with setting up a successful patient communications plan, contact us.

Of course, talking, writing and emailing your patients forms part of your brand communications, and we can review these for you and advise best practice.

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