Your recall and sales letters. Making it happen!

Recently I was with a new client, and I was reviewing his recall and sales letters. They were, to be frank, similar to many letters I have seen from other dental practices – matter of fact, a bit cold and lacking any warmth and personality. There was no headline, no call to action and the copy didn’t flow. However, my main concern was that letters were just not going out regularly enough, if  at all.

As with dental websites, which are often “under construction” for too long in order to make them “word perfect”, sales letters are not being sent to patients or lapsed patients and this undoubtedly damages the business. It means lost patients.

So why are recall letters not being sent?  Too much tweaking and editing certainly delays things and a lack of process and responsibility for getting it done, on time, every time, is another reason.

But our client is not alone, is he?

So what holds people back?  Concerns… doubts…..will it or won’t it work? … the fear of failure… that’s always a big one.  Or simply “finding the time”?  The biggest obstacle, I believe, is getting started. Sometimes it’s important to realise that good is good enough.  It doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to get done!

I have met many practice owners over the years – at all stages of life – and one of the key factors that separates the successful from the not so successful, is the ability to pragmatically get things done.

So, get that recall letter written, get your treatment promotions designed and launch or relaunch your website . Make a start.

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