Media Planning

We may not have spoken yet, but we know your challenges.

And we know the questions you have when it comes to media and marketing.


  • Where do I even begin to identify the best options for my practice?
  • How do I work out where to spend my marketing budget?
  • How important is digital marketing for my practice?
  • Should we get on the Social Media bandwagon?
  • How do I ensure I don’t waste my money?

Let us be clear – media, marketing, social, digital – it can be overwhelming, confusing, intimidating.

Time and time again, we speak to dental practices that have taken the wrong strategy with media and, sure as night follows day, it soon leads to disillusionment – to a misled belief that media just isn’t worth it (when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth).

When done right, with the correct strategy, media can and does deliver practice-growing, patient-driving results. And we should know, we see and secure these results every, single, day – results such as a steady stream of enquiries, consultations and appointments. Results such as patient bases that transform into repeat users of high-profit treatments.

All of which begins with your objectives, time scales and budget.

From the front door, to the online world, traditional to digital, here are the services we cover and combine…

  • Traditional

    Bus backs & sides, Billboards, PR, Radio, TV advertising

  • Print marketing

    Door drops, Direct Mail, Post card mailings, Newspaper ads and advertorials, Magazines, Local Community Publications

  • Outside your practice

    Practice signage

  • Inside your practice

    Internal Marketing, Reception point-of-sale, Open Days, On-hold communications, Patient newsletters, Recall letters and emails

  • Partnerships

    Joint business ventures, Local community adverts, Sponsorships, Company membership schemes, Referral marketing schemes

  • Mobile media

    SMS text marketing, Mobile Apps

  • Digital marketing

    SEO, Remarketing, Pay Per Click (Google AdWords), Social Media advertising, Video marketing

  • Social media

    Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook advertising