Smile Marketing TV

Production and media expertise…For a creative campaign that delivers impact and patient interest.

If you haven’t considered the potential of TV advertising for your practice, it’s time to sit up and listen – traditional TV advertising delivers an ROI of £1.70 for every £1 spent.

But then we aren’t talking about traditional TV here. As you’re about to read, TV advertising has had a 21st century makeover – and a new, innovative tool, is driving record-breaking results.

Before we move onto explain exactly what this tool is and how it can grow your practice, we should demonstrate what we, as a team, can bring to the TV production table…

What do I get?

  • Proven TV commercial production experience – for a slick advert that brings about viewer action

  • The science of media planning and patient targeting – to make sure your ad is seen exclusively by your ideal patients

  • The ability to track results and gain insight – to demonstrate a cast-iron ROI

What Is Sky AdSmart?

Not heard of it yet?

Some of your competitors have. And they’re rapidly gaining ground.

Dental practices in increasing numbers are harnessing the power of TV advertising. The result? High value patients driven straight to the door. Sky AdSmart opens up a world of incredible possibilities. Combining in-depth data and intelligent technology, this platform allows you to target exactly who you want – households by region, annual income, age range and more. Paving the way to a patient base full of your ideal (and most profitable) patients.

To find out more about SKY AdSmart click here to watch a short video that explains the many benefits.


Is Sky AdSmart right for you?

The answer is a resounding yes, if your practice…

  • Is ready for the quick building of brand awareness amongst your ideal patients
  • Offers high-value or specialist treatments such as orthodontics, dental implants or smile makeovers
  • Has a brand that’s vivid and well-defined – a brand that’s perfect for the medium of TV
  • Boasts glowing patient testimonials that shine a light on your clinical skills and service
  • Has a highly visual practice interior

What could Sky AdSmart do for your practice?

  • Advertise locally, either by postcode or local authority area
  • Target your ideal patient by age, gender, affluence, family status and number of children
  • Pay per impression (only when your advert is shown) – just as you do with other digital marketing mediums – but with one vital difference…
  • Unlike traditional TV advertising you only pay for the ad once the viewer has watched 75% of it. If the viewer fast forwards, you don’t pay.
  • Advertise to an audience known to have a healthy disposable income for private dental treatments

My Investment?

Here it comes. The figures in cold, hard, cash. Are you expecting massive numbers – a sky-high amount that you simply can’t afford? Actually, with Smile Marketing TV, TV advertising has never been so intelligent, nor so affordable.

A one-month TV campaign is equivalent in cost to that of a local radio campaign or similar to what a larger practice spends on Google Pay Per Click search advertising in a month. Here are the details…

Minimum TV media ad spend per campaign is just £3,000 (excl. ad production)

TV ads can be produced quickly and cost effectively (from as little as £2.5K) and the content repurposed for traditional digital media, such as your website and social media.


Now, it’s probably time we talked about what Smile Marketing TV could do for you.