Smile Practice Selector

Smile Practice Selector Heading

Who is it for?

For dental practitioners or entrepreneurial investors looking to launch a new dental practice or purchase an existing one and who are looking for an independent assessment on the real potential of the new business.

How Does It Work?

A written ‘feasibility’ report that answers the following 5 questions:

  1. Is it the right area?

Profile the local population using ONS, Census data and Segmentation tools

Smile Marketing branding meeting

Assess the demand for NHS and private dentistry

Analyse the potential catchment area for patients

  1. Is it the right practice? (when considering the purchase of a going concern)

Analysis of the existing patient base (when available)

Review the existing brand and marketing

Analysis of the current treatment offering and pricing

Review the premises and customer focus, including mystery shopping

  1. Can you compete (and how)?

Review the local competition

Identify what makes you different (USPs) and why patients will choose you

Identify key media opportunities

  1.  What are the key factors that will determine your success?
  1. Should you go ahead?

The positives

The challenges

Our conclusions

How Long Does It Take?

2 - 4 weeks

My Investment?

£1,950 incl. VAT